Increase Your Storage Safety with Spacefile Sure-Stop Technology

A Worry-Free High-Density Storage Solution
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Safety is More Important Than Ever

Our mechanical assist mobile carriages now have a key safety feature available upon request: our Sure-Stop Technology safety sweep.

This technology is a safety brake built right into our carriages, so using our storage solution is worry-free. If the red actuator bar encounters as little as 3 lbs. of pressure, this technology mechanically locks the drive train and stops the carriage instantly.

Our movable carriages also feature Anti-Tip protection as another key safety feature. There is no height/width ratio to worry about, since every Spacefile carriage comes with Anti-Tip protection.

Additionally, we have an integrated safety Hub Lock built right into the 3-Spoke handle, so that the carriage cannot be moved by others.

Our goal is to ensure your safety at all times. Now, isn't that reassuring?

Spacefile Hub Lock

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