Optimize Your Retail Storage with Our High-Density Solutions

Double Your Retail Storage Space and Reclaim Valuable Floor Space
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Many retailers face a significant challenge in optimizing storage and managing their floor space. Our Spacefile International Retail Storage Solutions allow you to double your storage space and reclaim valuable floor space.

Our in-house design team knows how to maximize stockroom space to get your BOH merchandise to the sales floor faster. We can design the optimal configuration for your floor plan and needs using best-in-class solutions and accessories

Strength & Durability

Our shelves provide significantly higher strength and durability than traditional wire-mesh shelving systems. They also have a fully-finished exterior with smooth, burr-free edges.

Our metal pegboard uprights are constructed from 18-gauge steel and can be completely integrated with our high-density systems.

Powder coat paint provides a highly durable and finished appearance. Many customized accessories are available.

High Density Retail Storage

Customizable & Expandable

Our Spacefile International Retail Storage Solutions can be reused, relocated, and reconfigured to meet your changing needs – they grow with your business.

Do you need to keep your garments in excellent condition? Our hanging rod configurations can help! Want to switch it up? Easily alter the configuration to fully adjustable shelves. Are you looking to hang belts or other small items? We offer a pegboard end panel option for quick access.

We can customize your storage system to meet your specific retail space needs.

High-Density Retail Storage

Efficient, Safe & Cost-Effective

Our Spacefile International Retail Storage Solutions are designed to provide the highest value in cost, safety, reliability, durability, and lifespan.

Unlike conventional rail systems, Spacefile International's innovative, floorless rail system does not require a deck and can be installed on uneven surfaces. Compared to traditional tracks, our 3-Piece Track has aluminum ramps that allow for significantly more shimming while reducing the risk of tripping.

Retail, athletic, and recreation facilities benefit from our steel perforated shelves that permit airflow between shelf levels. Our shelves have over 50% perforation, allowing water to penetrate shelf levels and meet fire protection standards.

Our 3-Piece Track is also ADA Compliant when placed on level surfaces.

Retail Storage with Handles

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Let our design team customize a solution to optimize your space plan and maximize your storage capacity and inventory management.
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Store Virtually Anything

With Spacefile's broad range of shelving configurations, you can store virtually any type of inventory:

  • Folded items – sweaters, shirts, pants
  • Boxed items – shoes, toys, general merchandise
  • Hanging items – dresses, coats, belts
  • Sports items – skis, bikes, golf clubs, branded merchandise
  • Technology items – computers, peripherals, phones, cameras
  • Heavy items – car parts, electrical parts, tires, plumbing, HVAC
  • Other items – medical cannabis, plants, produce, tools
Retail Storage System

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