Improve Your Warehouse Storage Space with Our S-Line Industrial High-Density Solutions

Gain Storage Space in Your Warehouse or Factory
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Managing floor space and maximizing storage are major challenges in the distribution industry. With Spacefile's S-Line Industrial shelving, you can make the most of your existing floor space.

This shelving is ideal for warehouses that need to maximize storage in very limited space. With S-Line shelving, you can double your storage capacity.

Our team can install a galvanized steel mezzanine floor above your existing shelving or design a high-density system from the ground up.

S-Line Industrial Stationary Shelving

Safety & Durability

The Spacefile International S-Line Industrial Shelving system has been engineered and tested to ensure safety and durability. By using state-of-the-art folding and cold processing techniques, a very durable and strong product is achieved.

Our galvanized steel shelving is of high quality, competitively priced, and offers a solution to virtually all shelving requirements. Powder-coated finishes make these shelving systems ideal for a factory or warehouse setting. Multiple shelving options include steel, perforated steel, and particle board.

S-Line Industrial Steel Shelving

Customizable & Economical

Growing businesses will find S-Line Industrial Shelving to be an economical solution. Units can be moved and expanded to suit your changing needs thanks to a variety of available configurations.

S-Line shelving systems are completely customizable with multiple shelving choices and a wide range of accessories and safety features. As your space and needs change, the modular design allows you to reconfigure your storage without losing your original investment.

Storage items are easily accessed with double-entry (double-sided access) and back-to-back configurations.

S-Line Industrial High Density Shelving

Other Features Include

  • Boltless rivet shelving for quick assembly; no special tools needed
  • Wide span units available up to 96” wide and 48” deep
  • One-piece height up to 144
  • Shelves adjustable in 1-1/2” increments
  • Available in static or mobile versions

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Let our in-house design team customize a solution to optimize your space plan and maximize your storage capacity.
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