High-Density Storage Racks

A Safe & Secure Solution for Storing Your Most Valuable Assets
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Spacefile International Mobile Art & Multi-Purpose Storage Racks provide an efficient means for storing your items. With double-sided panels, you can easily store objects on either side of the rack. Stored items are very accessible thanks to the aluminum handles that pull the racks outwards.

Strength & Durability

Strong, rigid, and durable steel beams make our Spacefile International Multi-Purpose Storage Racks last a long time. Heavy-gauge steel welded frame construction provides the highest degree of structural integrity and durability than any other storage rack design.

These storage racks are built to withstand everyday use and hold up to 500 pounds each. Durable metal construction ensures your items will be safe from potential damage due to scratches and dents.

High Density Storage Racks for Art

Customized for Your Needs

A variety of Spacefile Mobile Art & Multi-Purpose Storage Racks are available that will work meet your high-density storage requirements.

These storage racks can be relocated and reconfigured as needed. All carriage components are reusable, and the racks can be modified or customized to meet your changing needs.

Spacefile Storage Racks come in various sizes, and many different end panels are available. Whether you want a high-pressure wood laminate or a metal pegboard, we have you covered.

Available Mobile Options

Spacefile International's Mobile Art & Multi-Purpose Storage Racks are completely mobile and can be installed anywhere.

An innovative, fully finished floating floor with built-in leveling bolts guarantees that your mobile art and multi-purpose racks will not drift. Visually pleasing hand grips and large rolling wheels make these racks easy to move around.

Add carriage stops and brakes to ensure your carriage will not move while transporting your valuable items. Our foot stops come with a spring that makes it easier to disengage them when you want to move your rack.

4 Storage Racks

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Features Include:

  • Mobile racks can be pulled out or slid laterally
  • Wall-mounted versions are available
  • Customizable options are available
  • Track and decking design promotes airflow to reduce mold buildup
  • Easily accessible with aluminum handles
  • HIPAA and PIPPEDA compliant
  • Locking Accessories are available

Ready to Assemble

Spacefile International's Mobile Art & Multi-Purpose Storage Racks come ready to assemble, and built-in leveling bolts ensure a precisely leveled system.


Spacefile International's Mobile Art & Multi-Purpose Storage Racks exemplify our commitment to designing long-lasting products. With an average of 40% recycled content, these racks can contribute to LEED accreditation.

Designed for Your Safety

Spacefile International's Mobile Art & Multi-Purpose Storage Racks provide a safe and secure solution for storing your most valuable assets. With a heavy-duty powder coat finish that protects against microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, these racks can be used anywhere that requires highly sterile surfaces.

An integrated anti-tipping mechanism is provided at every track interval, making these racks a safe choice for any space.

Our Storage Racks Can Be Used For:

  • Huge Objects
  • Tools
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Skis and Bikes
  • Sample Boards
  • and more!

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