Cantilever High-Density Storage

High-Quality Cantilever Shelving that is Versatile, Durable, and Can Be Customized for Your Needs.
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Easily display and store your books, magazines, and more with Spacefile’s high-density cantilever storage system. Many options and accessories are available to meet most of your library shelving storage needs.

In addition, our cantilever shelving can be installed on a mobile system for greater storage efficiency.

Highly Versatile

With its highly versatile design, Spacefile cantilever shelving can be moved, reconfigured, and added on to. Such versatility allows you to adapt your storage shelving to the specific environment and configurations that you wish to create.

Installing cantilever shelving on a mobile system provides even more versatility for your specific high-density storage needs.

Strong & Durable

Spacefile cantilever shelving offers exceptional strength and durability for different storage and display applications. Cantilever shelving components undergo robust and rigorous testing to ensure safety, reliability, and durability.

All of our storage solution components are proudly made in North America.

Cantilever Aisle Lighting

Customized for Your Needs

Create a functional, attractive area with Spacefile cantilever shelving and accessories. This modular cantilever shelving is available in various lengths, widths, and storage capacities to meet your requirements.

Our team can customize a solution to optimize your space plan and maximize your shelving and storage capacity.

Cantilever Shelving

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Available Options

Cantilever shelving options include:

  • Book Shelves
  • Canopy Shelf
  • Divider Shelves
  • Media Cabinet
  • Sloping Display Shelf
  • Face Front Periodical Shelf
  • Single Tier Video and Paperback Shelf
Spacefile Cantilever Shelving

More Features and Benefits

30 or 45-degree sloped shelving provides greater visibility for magazines, brochures & catalogs.
Gussets can be added at each end of every frame, making this shelving system more sturdy and durable.
Frames can be joined together for new layouts.
Available in multiple heights, widths, and depths.

Use Cases

With its heavy-duty construction and aesthetic design, Spacefile cantilever shelving is ideal for:

  • academia
  • corporate environments
  • public libraries
  • and general offices

In addition, our cantilever shelving can easily be adapted for both stationary and mobile storage applications.

Cantilever Shelving

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