St. Joseph’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital


St. Joseph’s Hospital was building a new addition on to their main building in Paterson, NJ and needed to equip their ER storage and supply rooms with a system that would make the best use of the available space.


Specialized Storage Solutions worked with the hospital’s engineering and ER departments to design Burroughs high-density, lateral and conventional mobile-shelving systems. We counted their inventory, planned for expansion, and delivered a system that will meet their needs well into the future.


Specialized Storage Solutions has been working with St. Joseph’s Hospital since 1993 and has been called in to recommend systems for every department within the facility to help them make the best use of their space. We have installed mezzanines, wire shelving, high-density storage, stainless steel carts, cabinets, and related equipment in Central storage, archives, administration, pediatric neurology, and many other departments.

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